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    Green smoothies seem to be taking the world by storm! And, rightly so. Although their vibrant green color may evoke skepticism among those new to the concept of throwing kale in a blender, usually it only takes one taste for people to be won over. Unlike juices, smoothies still contain all of the fibre from the fruit and vegetables – however, the blending process breaks the fibre apart and makes it easier to digest. They are generally more filling than a juice, so they can be great to drink first thing in the morning as your breakfast, or for a substantial snack to keep you going throughout the day- without the peeks and valleys of sugar-laden energy drinks or caffeine. Green smoothies are a fabulous way to incorporate more green leafy vegetables into your diet. The greens in a green smoothie are easy to absorb, assimilate and digest and the

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    The term ‘superfoods’ can get thrown around rather generally these days, but technically, super foods are foods that provide a powerful source of vitamins and minerals in a concentrated form, which assist the body to reach an optimum level of health and radiance. Superfoods contain extraordinary properties- they contain all the essential amino acids and an abundance of rare nutrients and minerals. They have been used by tribes around the world for centuries and revered for their various healing and strengthening qualities. Cacao is one such superfood that has become popular for its medicinal qualities and superior taste. Unfortunately, the chocolate that you may buy from the supermarket has come a long way from its original, highly beneficial and natural state. It often has been processed, heated and mixed with an overload of white sugar, hydrogenated oils and dairy products- making its beneficial properties redundant. Raw chocolate made from the

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    Sometime early this year I was experiencing some quite intense emotions caused by thoughts I had around business and some relationships I had at the time. That intensity soon passed, more recently though I have been going through something similar to what I wrote about, but in a different way. The poem goes like this: (You can find it on my Instagram @james_lonergan) Life is like your breath, going through endless cycles of expansion and contraction.  You can enjoy the ride up towards the top, but don’t try and hold yourself there, that will hurt. Instead welcome the journey down as an opportunity for self exploration, find more of yourself in every downward turn.  Rumi said “God gave us two wings to fly, joy and sorrow”  We find our truest self when everything that is not the self, is stripped away.  Practice deep breathing in your life, in and out,

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    To whomever is reading, I am sitting here sipping on a long black (and a juice of course), bathing in the sunlight with some friends, and absolutely filled with gratitude. This morning we discovered we had been named Top 3 in the Sunday Mail 2014 QLD’s Top 100 food experiences. Our business has been transforming along side our own personal transformations, from a 100% raw vegan cafe in sleepy Buderim, to a larger, busier whole foods cafe now on the Esplanade at Mooloolaba. Since last year being named somewhere around the Top 60 or 70, we have been tirelessly working to understand more about who you are, what you are wanting, what the world is needing, and it seems to have been working! A lot of this has been coming with our own revelations about what our business should be, and how it should operate. I’m not sure if we have

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    Have you ever had one of those moments when your heart stops, in fact, a moment where everything seems to stop. A moment when you were completely ripped from your thoughts, your ideas, your identity. I had one of these recently. We had just shut the doors on a big day at the cafe, and I was resting on the couch inside the cafe while Moni and Dan made some afternoon tea for us all. There was a knock on the cafe door and standing there were two policemen. My initial reaction was that maybe they saw the Instagram post from my gorgeous friend Lizz from Gypsy Stonetalking about the sweet shirt I was wearing that said “FUCK GLUTEN”. Turns out they hadn’t heard about it… Yet. Anyway, they began to speak as cops usually do (with practically zero emotion). Here’s how it went. “Hi can we speak to the

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    November 7th 2009. Right before our journey of health and happiness began. Our normal day would look like this: Wake up (completely hungover) at 11am, grab the closest beach towel and go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of Lord Howe Island lagoon. This was only the most beautiful place on earth, but with foggy eyes from the night before we weren’t really in a state to appreciate this. Then, with grumbling stomaches, we would head to the local store and grab a beef burger and chips coated in table salt and dripping with oil. Mmmm. 2pm, we were finally beginning to wake up after smashing a few coffees at the local cafe. We would head to the beach to hang with our friends and have a few alcoholic beverages.. and then maybe a few more… 4pm we would start work at a great little restaurant of the

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“If you want to make that glass of juice actually worth drinking, make sure it`s cold pressed. I don’t bother drinking anything but. Cold pressed juice retains all of the vitamins and minerals from the vegetables it came from, so you’ll reap maximum benefits. It’s the best way to cleanse and nourish your body.”
– Jess Ainscough, Author &





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